Neonpunk Crysis

Written by Garnett Elliott
Artwork by Victor Koroyedov
Cartography by Glynn Seal

Available from RPGNow and DriveThruRPG (bundles may also be available).

Welcome to the world of 204X!

Experience cyberpunk adventure the way it was intended: from the vantage of the 80’s. Influenced by cutting-edge anime classics like Akira and Battle Angel Alita, Neonpunk Crysis takes you back ­– and forward – to the mean streets of Neo Tokyo. Rogue androids prowl through glitzy nightclubs, their algorithms on the verge of self-awareness. Escapees from psionic labs struggle to keep their rage-induced powers under control. Salarymen, beat cops, gang members, punks, and petty criminals alike all grope for enough yen to go another week in the frenzied metropolis. This is a world trembling on the brink… the brink of Neonpunk Crysis!

Neonpunk Crysis is an RPG sourcebook based on the slew of science fiction anime that came out in the mid-80’s to early-90’s, when the influence of western films like Blade Runner and The Terminator were riding high with Japanese audiences. The setting emulates such works as Akira, Bubble Gum Crisis, AD Police, Appleseed, Megazone 23, Black Magic M-66, Cyber City Oedo, Goku Midnight Eye, Dominion Tank Police, Battle Angel Alita, Genocyber, Metal Skin Panic, Eight Man Next, and Angel Cop, among others. The anime take on cyberpunk was not as concerned with ‘scientific’ realism as presenting an exciting visual story, with a gonzo dose of Japanese creativity thrown in. Characters were often presented as super-heroic, though they had their own emotional vulnerabilities particular to the genre. Themes of corruption, humanity in the face of rapid technological change, and societal breakdown were common.

As such, Neonpunk Crysis is not a retroclone trying to import the RPG tropes of deckers, elves, and street samurai to an Asian setting. Plenty of games have already done that, chummer! The setting remains true to the source material, presenting psychic powers, mecha, and over-the-top martial arts alongside a familiar dark future of mega-corporations and cyberware.


Neonpunk Crysis Pregens and Character Sheet.

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